Orph’s ZETTA Awesome Corner:the beginning.

Welcome to this humble place,in this section i’ll be posting various news on the usual things that i consider to be hilarious,noteworthy or plain epic.
You know, i was thinking of something along the lines of “man,my second post must be about something INTELLECTUAL and DEEP” earlier.Then i thought about it again and immediately discarded the idea,which is why today i’ll talk about huge and almost totally naked men running through walls while striking various poses.
This is madness? No,this is Muscle March! A Wiiware game that will be out in Japan on May 26th and that will be available for a measly 800 points.
The task of this game,albeit simple,can be quite tricky: catch the evil football player that stole your precious protein powder by running after him with all your might!

Here’s hoping for a USA and EU version of course,if only to see the shocked faces of parents and relatives alike while i’m playing this.


~ by Orpheon on May 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Orph’s ZETTA Awesome Corner:the beginning.”

  1. Oh Gawd, Amazing first post.
    And lawl @ the video XD

  2. Ok and I fixed the categories.
    Zetta awesome corner should have Orpheon (folder) as its post parent.

  3. After seeing gameplay videos of Cho Aniki, I’m not as shocked by Muscle March as I should be.

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