Random thoughts about the E3.

I have never cared much about the E3 or any other gaming convention in the past,usually i’d just check after a week or so the news and that was it. Well,this time i decided to check almost every press conference available ( and by available i mean streamed at a decent time for a poor european like me ) and i’m quite content with the result.

Take a seat and listen to my ramblings about Microsoft,Nintendo and Sony if you like.

Microsoft: First of all,i didn’t like how the Natal project took like half of the entire conference: Ok,it has the potential to be revolutionary.After 30 minutes we got that, now show me some real games that actually make use of this amazing technology.No? Well,make it short then dammit. That said,the amount of games wasn’t disappointing and there is plenty of fun awaiting for every 360 owner out there:stuff like MGS:Rising,Alan Wake and both Halos looks very promising.On the other hand,the amount of exclusives was a bit slim…many of the most anticipated titles will be released on multiple platforms.In the end,it was a good event but i didn’t find anything strong enough to make me collapse from my chair while screaming ” OH GOD I NEED A 360″

Nintendo: Ah,the big N.I remember reading that you sucked quite badly at this last year,let’s see what you got.The beginning was decent thanks to the new Super Mario Bros announcement ( Four Swords:Mario Edition if you ask me ) then we plunged right in the Wii Fit hell and everything related to it.Whoo,the new one will have the online option…

Right when i was about to fall asleep,the bombs start dropping: new Metroid,Mario Galaxy 2,Golden Sun DS! Also,some other interesting stuff like Conduit that will please the adult gamer in us.All is well that ends well then? Not really,because we got another 2 peripherals announced: The Vitality Sensor and the Wii MotionPlus.The first looks really useless and will probably end up like the DK Bongos ( yeah i know they are awesome,but they were used for a whopping 3-4 games) while the second seems sweet:more precision is always welcomed but i cannot help but wonder why the damn thing isn’t ALREADY into your standard Wiimote.They shouldn’t be too expensive,and buying 4 of them looks quite the deal.Not for us though.

Sony: Lazy start is lazy.Gee,it sure is interesting seeing how may PS3 have been sold in Paraguay: games, please! But after that some interesting stuff gets displayed: new Uncharted, a ton of new PSP titles  and more details about the new PSP Go.

Its price gets announced,and literally everyone i was in touch with at that moment started laughing: $250 in the US,250 Euro in good old Europe. Is there an unwritten rule that says that Sony must bleed us dry in this generation? Also,no PS3 price reduction makes me sad.Oh well,in any case the majority of the games announced during the conference is nothing short of amazing: Final Fantasy XIV ( online ),The Last Guardian,Castlevania:Lord of Shadows,MGS:Peace-Walker were the ones that impressed me the most.Last but not least ,Sony announced his own motion-controller thing ( which looks like a dildo ).It really seems that everyone has finally acknowledged that the Wii is printing money and is ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Overall,i’d say that Tech-wise: Microsoft > Sony > Nintendo. Games-wise,Nintendo = Sony > Microsoft

That’s pretty much it,except for one last thing: I don’t like at all this “social network” thing on my consoles.Namely,i fear that the more resources get spent on this,the less will be available for the development of good games: i don’t care at all about being able to check Facebook on my 360,DSi or whatever:consoles were built for gaming,and it should stay like that. Just my 2 cents of course,and if you haven’t fallen asleep by now let me congratulate you, give you a manly handshake and show you the exit.


~ by Orpheon on June 4, 2009.

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