The Kins’ E3 Comments

AltWeissWell, the Big 3 have had their conferences at E3, and I was lucky enough to be on hand to watch all 3 streaming, so here’s my take on what I saw this year.

As far as games are concerned, well, Modern Warefare 2 and MGS Rising looked good, but I can get those on the PS3. As far as exclusives go Alan Wake looked interesting, but Halo: Reach and L4D2 caught my eye the most. Natal seems an interesting concept, but I’ve got to see more to be convinced, especially since I don’t see it being used for much more than basic party games. Not a bad conference, but nothing to convince me to buy a 360 anytime soon.

Boring for the most part, yes. But they won in my book simply for delivering the one thing I wanted the most this year: a new Metroid. I went crazy when the trailer started and I heard “Any objections, Lady?”, this is exactly what I wanted, and Team Ninja on board should make for an interesting and fun game. I loved Super Mario Galaxy, so the announcement of Galaxy 2 was a pleasant one, and I look forward to the game. While brief, the showings of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space: Extraction pleased me, and all 3 will be quick purchases after release, if not day 1 buys.

Good stuff, Sony, presentation-wise, you win, but there was nothing that I didn’t already know about that really got me excited. Gran Turismo PSP and 5 look great, but that’s to be expected (NASCAR surprised me, but I’m not a NASCAR fan.) Uncharted 2 looks great, I still need to play the first one, but it definitely won me over. SE showed off a FFXIII trailer as expected, but unexpectedly announced FFXIV, pleasing me that they were working on a successor to XI, but nothing I’m probably going to care about for another year. MGS: Peacewalker, well, the second they showed the picture of Big Boss last week, I knew it was coming, that just made it official. Box scene at the end made me laugh. The mention of RE: PSP got me excited…but they just moved right on to my disappointment. The LBP Cart Racer looks neat, might have to pick it up. God of War III? I don’t give a damn to be honest, I never was able to get into the franchise.

So, the highlight announcements for me were Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. Presentation-wise, Sony wins hands down, followed by Microsoft and Nintendo, but when it came to games I wanted overall, Nintendo takes the crown, followed by Sony.

Regarding the other confrences taking place during E3, I can’t comment much since after Metroid, about the only remaining possible announcements I could care about would have been Kingdom Hearts III, Zone of the Enders 3 or Crono 3.


~ by Sushikins on June 5, 2009.

One Response to “The Kins’ E3 Comments”

  1. Bastard, How dare you not praise God of War III!

    Nice first post, expecting more of this type.

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