dRAmatic ME#01 : Life is just started.


Start a first post with a few week’s life of mine.

I was study at my university for 1 weeks. Everything was nice. A lively places, nice chicks around and I have some friends. That’s all about good things! but there also a bad things come together. I don’t have a time to vidya or watch anime due to some reason at my campus. That’s really suck! D: but it can’t be help…

Come to think of my lastest games. There are two interesting game. Plants vs Zombies and Legions. Plants vs Zombies is a casual game on PC. The story is about your house is being invaded by zombies. Your mission is prevent your house from being attacked by EVEN single zombie. If you do, you’ll lose. Of course you can’t deal with them with bare hands. There are many equipment you need to guard them. Guess what? yes, it’s the plants!  Since the game didn’t tell you what you mastered for and the plants is only what you have then so be it — fight the zombies with your plants. This game available on both Windows and Mac OSX.

There are not normal zombies. While you keep defend your house with all you can. They can do everything to break your house so watch it carefully. Here is some screenshots of game play.

This is your battle field, houseyard.

In order to plant your plants, you need sunlight. And if it were night. Only sunflower can give you a sunlight.

They’re getting more annoyed…

…like this.

That’s the madness! lol – you can try it out here http://www.popcap.com/games/pvz

Next is Legions. Legions is a First-Person-Shooting game on web with the great graphics on it. I can’t believe that the game has a really good graphics and effects ’cause it was run on your browser. The more interesting point is you can makes or joins team and fight with other team. Death match, capture the flag and more. The game need you to follow a little instruction at first play then you can instantly start the game. Actually I don’t really get into this game much but since it was interesting, here is the site http://legions.instantaction.com/. Worth a try. 😉

That’s all about today. Please look forward to next post (d^-‘)b

Next reviews…


~ by Alcatraz.gof on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “dRAmatic ME#01 : Life is just started.”

  1. Nice first post Ra,
    Expecting more from you!

  2. Glad to see another Mac user around here.

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