Back In Action

baccano39xo6-avatarIt sure is quiet around here.  Not a lot of backloggers posting blogs this month.

Including me.

Well…my excuse for not blogging is because I was out of town from May 23 to June 13.  I went on a geology trip to a bunch of national parks, including the Grand Canyon and a bunch of parks in Utah.  I took this class because I needed to get my lab science requirement out of the way after putting them off for my first two years in college.  I had a great time while I was away and I got to do a bunch of stuff, including a 10 mile hike up the Grand Canyon while going up 8000 feet after rafting down the Colorado River for three days.  The thing I didn’t like about the trip was all the work that I had to do.  Every day, I had to wake up at 5 am every morning so I could go out and do a bunch of stuff.  If we weren’t hiking, the professors were lecturing my group on the geology of the parks.  Now you see…most the people on this trip have taken at least one geology class before.  I didn’t, which made things a lot tougher for me.  To make things worse, I had to take two exams while I was on the trip, both of which were tough.  I didn’t do too great with the actual class, so I’m going to wait and see what kind of grade I get.

I could have brought my DS or PSP with me on the trip, but I didn’t.  That meant I went three weeks without playing any video games.  I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because a bunch of people had bad luck with electronics during those three weeks.  People got their iPods, cameras, and cellphones broken or stolen.  I lost my 30 GB iPod during the first week of the trip.  Someone brought a PSP on the trip, but luckily, nothing happened to it.  I also didn’t bring my laptop with me, so I used a friend’s MacBook to get on the internet.  If you saw me on the Backloggery from May 23 to June 13, then you know why.

My three week trip ended in Las Vegas, where I spent the last night in a hotel before I had to fly out the next day.  The thing that sucked was that I had to take the last exam the night I was at the hotel.  I ended up being one of the last people to finish and by the time I got out, the group of people I usually hanged out with were out doing stuff in the city.  I’m telling you…it sucks being 20 in Las Vegas.  I stayed in the hotel after I was done with the exam, used my friend’s computer for a while, watched some tv, and went to bed.

Anyway, it’s been about a week since I got home and I haven’t done a blog post, which is why I’m doing one now.  I’m glad to be back in Florida and I’m going to be staying here for the rest of the summer.  So…what have I been doing for the last seven days….


So I was at the Las Vegas airport waiting for the flight back home.  It was three weeks since I last played any video games, so I decided to treat myself to something special.  I bought myself a Nintendo DSi and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume so I could play it on the way home.  It’s my first time playing the series and I understand why people really like it.  Great soundtrack and solid gameplay.

I haven’t played it since I flew back home, so I’ll really need to get back into that game.

So I got home and pulled out a game I haven’t touched in nearly 10 years….Mole Mania for the Game Boy.  It was a puzzle game produced by Shigeru Miyamoto where the main goal was to clear puzzles by moving an iron ball to a door in every area in each level.  Each level ended with a boss that had to be defeated using a certain strategy.  There are 8 levels in total, but the last one has you fighting all the bosses in the first seven areas plus the final boss.  I love how I don’t play a game for years and then remember how everything works.  That’s what happened with this game.  I loaded a file I haven’t touched in years and only had to clear Level 5-8.  Jinbe, the last boss, was really annoying, but I’m glad I remembered to bring a potion to the fight so I could remember to use it when my health got too low.

So now that I’m done with Mole Mania, I started Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3.  I’ve been meaning to play this game since last December, but never had the time until now.  I’m not too far, but I can easily say that it’s one of my favorite games I’ve played recently.  I’ll talk about it more in a later blog post.


I have a lot of catching up to do with Eden of the East and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but I want to finish Cardcaptor Sakura first before I do anything else.

CCS Progress: 38/70


Summer is here….which means time to watch a bunch of movies.  First movie I watched after I got home was UP, another great movie from Pixar.  I planned to see it in 3D, but a group of little kids went to the same same showing as me.  They were so noisy that I left and watched the next showing on a regular movie screen.

Next movie I saw was Star Trek after nearly a month of being out in theaters.  It was well worth it.

So yesterday, I rented The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.  Big mistake.  It was so bad, I would have rather watched the first Mummy again.  I like the first movie, in case you were wondering.

Games I’m Going To Get Rid Of

Xenogears – I’ll never understand this game and I don’t understand why people think it’s so great.  I’m patient with a lot of games, but I gave up on this one after playing for 6-7 hours.  The battle system is pretty dull, the story tries to hard, and the game just bored me.  I’m trading it for Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament and Etenral Eyes with BelmontHeir.

Mole Mania – I really like the game, but I don’t think I’m going to play it again now that I’ve beaten it.  It was a lot of fun.  I’m trading this game for Donkey Kong Land 1 with BadSeafood.

Because I Feel Like Talking About It

Today, I went to Taco Bell and had a bean burrito, a soft taco, a chalupa, and cinnamon twists.  My stomach hurt afterward.  That’s all.


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  1. Hah cool and yeah..Not many blog much on 1up except me and Nos but I am sure there are more and will be more as people get more time to write ’em up heh.^_^

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