A Story About Extreme Laziness

baccano39xo6-avatarThe worst thing you can do to a game is to buy it and never take it out of the box.  The more time you leave it somewhere unopened, the worse you feel about it.  It’s even worse when you leave the shrink wrapping on.  How can it get any worse than that?  How about when you forget to have the thick plastic casing taken off a game right before you leave a store with your latest purchase?  Has that happened to you?

*raises hand*

Yeah, I think I’m the only one who’s done something like that and then more.  This is what happened when I bought Final Fantasy VI Advance at a Best Buy two years ago.  I forgot to have the hard plastic casing taken off my copy before I left the store.  You would have thought I’d do something about that as soon as possible, but I wasn’t thinking at the time.  I put the game in the trunk of my car, where it stayed for about a year because I was too lazy to take it out.  When I did take it out, I put it on a shelf somewhere in my room.  I tried to take off the casing with my own bare hands….but no…it didn’t work.  Seriously, what was I thinkng?  Anyway, I gave up and left the game in my room unopened for yet another year.

So time passed….

I joined Noi’s Final Fantasy Marathon a while ago and started to participate as soon as I got home from the three week trip last month.  I thought I should do something about my unopened copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance.

This is what my copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance looked last week.  Last Saturday, I did something I should have done two years ago: get the damn case opened.  That morning, I went to the same Best Buy I bought the game from.

I walked in and asked one of the people who worked there to take the case off the game for me.  Some other guy came up to me and asked if I stole the game.  With an embarassed look on my face, I said no.  Anyway, I got the case opened.  It was about time.

If there’s one thing I want to do before I start this game, it’s to beat Final Fantasy IV Advance.  At least I got the case opened for FFVI, even if it took me 2 years to get around to doing it.


~ by WanderingMind on July 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Story About Extreme Laziness”

  1. W-wha?! How is it possible for the cashier to have sold you that without taking it off in the first place?! Wouldn’t the alarm have rung..?! That is insane!

    But anyways, you are extremely lucky to own that game. It’s so expensive and rare in Canada it is not even funny! Hope you enjoy it after FFIV! \o/ I am really VI it so far.

  2. That’s the crazy thing…the alarm never went off when I walked out of the store.

    I’m also really fortunate that the people at the store believed what I said when I went back there two years later. It would have sucked if they didn’t let me keep the game.

  3. Haha, only a Wandering mind could forget about something like that ^^;

  4. Hahah that’s lucky.:)

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