Shooting and Explosions

baccano39xo6-avatarHmm…it’s been about a month since my last blog.  My fight against Bak’laag has been ongoing.  Just when it looks like I was going to make some major progress in my journey, Bak’laag grew a lot stronger thanks to all the trading I’ve been doing.

I managed to knock a bunch of games of my Unbeaten list, but I got a bunch of new games thanks to all the trading that I have done.  Then there were the two games I bought last month: Battlefield: Bad Company and Resident Evil 5.

Bad Company is the first Battlefield game I’ve played since Battlefield: Vietnam.  I was wary about getting Bad Co. because I didn’t exactly enjoy Battlefield: Vietnam a lot.  Having friends to play with this time makes for a much better experience because I don’t have to worry about dealing with morons.

I bought Battlefield: Bad Company so I could help Vaikyuko get the Platinum trophy.  Some of the trophies / achievements for this game are insane.  They’re the type of things that should be gold trophies instead of bronze or silver.  There’s the silver trophy for 10,002 kills.  Vaikyuko should get that one really soon.  Then there’s a bronze trophy for at least 20 squad respawns on one person in a row.  You can also get a bunch of in-game awards for moving up in rank, using a weapon enough times, etc.

Vaikyuko will talk more about this game in an upcoming blog, so this is as much as I’ll say about Bad Company for now.

I finally got Resident Evil 5 last month, long after the hype about the game died down a bit.  I played co-op with Vaikyuko on Veteran difficulty.  I let him host the game, which meant that I played as Sheva all the way through.  He had unlimited ammo and the rocket launcher, which made things a whole lot easier.  He also beat the game on Professional difficulty, so I knew I was playing with someone good.  I tagged along with Vaikyuko, who did most of the killing for me since this was my first time through the game and my weapons weren’t that great.  I got a range of around 2-10 kills per area.  I was armchair gaming my way through Resident Evil 5, but I didn’t mind.  In case you were wondering, we were playing the PS3 version.  We saw no need for the headset, so we communicated through in-game commands and AIM.  It worked fine, although I had trouble following instructions at certain parts in the game, especially the last boss fight.  I won’t go into detail because of spoilers, but we were lucky to defeat the last boss.

My thoughts on Resident Evil 5?  With the addition of co-op and a bigger focus on shooting the crap out of enemies in order to move through an area, Resident Evil 5 feels like more of a third-person shooter than a survival-horror game.  In fact, the plot reminds me of a Hollywood summer action movie.  If you’re looking for an experience that’s like a more traditional horror game, you’ll be disappointed.  Otherwise, you will find that RE5 is a decent game.

Not much has been going on in my personal life.  You may remember me talking about the 3 week geology trip I went on from May 23 to June 13.  I visited the Grand Canyon and a bunch of national parks in Utah in what was the most physically intense college course I’ll ever take in my life.  When I wasn’t hiking, rafting, or doing other outdoor activities, I was learning about the geology of the parks.  I got my grade a few weeks ago and while I didn’t do great in the class, let’s just say that I passed and got my lab science credit.  I just have to pass Intro to Psychology in the fall, get another lab science credit, and I’ll be done with science requirements at my school.  Yes, Psychology is a lab science at my school, but I’m not complaining.

Until next time, stay tuned.


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