Prime Time

AltWeissMission Debriefing: Prime Time
The first two Metroid games have been re-released with new Wii controls, and bundled together with Prime 3: Corruption as the sleek and sexy Metroid Prime Trilogy. I’ll be reviewing each game in turn as I play them. Up first, is one of my favorite games of all time and my big introduction to the Metroid Franchise: Metroid Prime.

Gameplay (10/10)
The big change here from the Gamecube release is the new controls, and I have to say it is a great one. Using the Wii mote is such a smooth experience, it’s really tailored for the game perfectly. Manual aiming makes things easier and more difficult, as hitting that pin-point shot is now easier without auto lock-on, but hitting smaller enemies (like War Wasps) can get a little annoying early on. As far as the difficulty goes, the game is much easier with the Wii controls (or maybe I’m just that much better after all these years). Players looking for something of a challenge should skip Normal (which should be Easy) and start with Veteran (Which is more Normal). Normal wasn’t the least bit challenging (I never lost more than 3 Energy Tanks all game), and while Veteran had a few tough bosses, it was otherwise pretty easy and I cleared it without dying. I haven’t started my Hypermode run yet, but I’m hoping it’s a challenge. Thankfully, scans carry over between your games, so once you’ve scanned everything, you can focus on the battles and gameplay completely.

Visor Switch in the Chozo Ruins

Visor Switch in the Chozo Ruins

Story (7/10)
The story does a good job of taking a backseat in Prime to the gameplay. It’s skillfully revealed across a number of scans throughout the game, so it can be completely ignored if you choose not to scan everything, and there are no long, drawn out dialogued cutscenes, not that there’s any real dialogue in the first place.

A Space Pirate in the Phazon Mines

A Space Pirate in the Phazon Mines

Graphics (10/10)
Prime Trilogy sports a degree of upgraded graphics from the original Gamecube releases, and as such, as it did back in 2002, Prime looks beautiful. The detail in the world is excellent, and it’s not hard to get lost in the feeling that you’re actually there.

Replay ability (10/10)
This category all depends on the type of player, but Metroid is a treasure trove of replays. Between all the collectible items to get, to scans (Which you can clear in one game or over a few games) and three different difficulties, the game does not get old quick. And players looking for a challenge, making speed runs to beat the game as fast as possible or trying to sequence break to get strong items early, or skip them entirely, makes for plenty of challenges to aim for with each playthrough.

Flaahgra, Prime's 2nd Major Boss

Flaahgra, Prime's 2nd Major Boss

Prime is still a great game today, even if you played it back on the Gamecube, the updates and new controls alone makes this a worthy purchase and play. True, it’s not the most challenging game in the franchise, but newcomers and veterans alike will have something to play for here.

(Credit goes  to Wikitroid for screenshots.)


~ by Sushikins on September 6, 2009.

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