Summer of the Beat

baccano39xo6-avatarI wrote this first part last week while I was at an airport waiting for my flight.  I would have finished this blog post earlier, but this week was really hectic for me.  Most of it had to do with me unpacking and getting things straightened out.  I blame a lot of it on my last minute packing disaster in May.  Basically, what happened was I left my packing until the very last minute and was unable to put all my stuff in off-campus storage before I went home.  I had to leave a good amount of stuff in my car, which was left in a garage over the summer.  You see, I live in Florida but go to school in Pennsylvania.  I had my car brought up to school last year so I could use it.  It would be too much of a hassle to bring it home for the summer, so I left it in Pennsylvania.  Whatever I couldn’t fit in my car, I left with one of my friends I could trust with the rest of my stuff.

Phew.  Glad I have everything back and that’s all behind.  Feel free to skip to main part if you feel like it.  No hard feelings.

I was supposed to be out of Florida by now.  I was supposed to take a 6:40 am flight from West Palm Beach to Newark and then drive to school in Pennsylvania, but I overslept and missed it.  Had everything worked out, I would have been at school by the afternoon and had the rest of the day to move into my room and get everything taken care of.  Well, the stuff I have to do is pushed back until later.  Oh well.  I’m stuck at the gate until the next available flight at 11 am, so I might as well make a new blog.  I wasn’t feeling too great yesterday knowing my summer was almost over, that I was tired, and knowing that I had to wake up early tomorrow.  Sucks that I overslept.  At least I get free internet at the West Palm Beach airport, so I might as well write a new blog post.

Don’t you love ranting just to get to the actual point?  I sure do.  You know what’s
good?  Chocolate milk.  I want some!

I’ll be surprised if I finish this blog while I’m at this airport, because I have a ton of stuff to talk about.  It’s the end-of-the-summer blog where I talk about all sorts of stuff I’ve done this summer.  Yes, I’ll talk about all the games I’ve played, beaten, completed, and obtained.  I’ve beaten so many games this summer, I named this post “The Summer of the Beat.”  Pretty catchy, right?

Anyway, onto the actual blog post!

The Summer of the Beat

There is no better time to beat games than summer break.  I signed up for the Backloggery last December and set out to clear my backlog as soon as I added everything I had in my collection to my list.  I beat a good amount of games in December and January, but my progress slowed down a lot for the next few months.  There were a few reasons.  The first was school, which means less time to play through lengthy games.  The second was Persona 4.  I started that game this January and it took me all semester to beat.  When I got out of school, I only had a week at home before I left to go on a three-week geology trip in which I did not play any games.  I managed to beat Riviera: The Promised Land during that short time and finish the optional dungeon, so it was all good.  When I got back from the trip, I went through as many games as possible.  Unlike last year, where I focused on Persona 3 FES, I finished around 25 games, including some RPGs.

Here’s the list:

Beat: Cave Story  (Mac)
Beat: Riviera: The Promised Land  (PSP)
Beat: Mole Mania  (GBC)
Beat: Donkey Kong Land 2  (GBC)
Beat: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins  (GBC)
Beat: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire  (N64)
Beat: Donkey Kong 64  (N64)
Beat: Diddy Kong Racing  (N64)
Completed: Ico  (PS2)
Beat: Banjo-Kazooie  (N64)
Beat: Medal of Honor  (PSN)
Beat: Medal of Honor: Underground  (PSN)
Beat: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger  (PS3)
Beat: Gunstar Heroes  (PSN)
Completed: Gunstar Heroes  (PSN)
Beat: Sonic Advance  (GBA)
Beat: Orcs & Elves  (NDS)
Beat: Ape Escape  (PS)
Beat: Donkey Kong Land  (GBC)
Beat: Dark Sector  (PS3)
Beat: Final Fantasy IV Advance  (GBA)
Beat: Battlefield: Bad Company  (PS3)
Beat: Resident Evil 5  (PS3)
Beat: Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus  (PS2)
Beat: Bioshock  (PS3)
Beat: Drill Dozer  (GBA)
Beat: Star Ocean: First Departure  (PSP)
Beat: Sonic Heroes  (GCN)
Completed: Zone of the Enders  (PS2)

That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.  I’ve beaten more games during that time than earlier this year.  I’d like to get my :U: count below 50 by the end of this year.  Right now, I’m at 63, so if I can get working on some games, I can easily do it.

Cave Story

I wasn’t sure about counting Cave Story because I only got the bad ending, but I saw the credits, meaning I get the :B:.  I won’t consider it truly beaten until I get the good ending.

Riviera: The Promised Land

I loved Riviera: The Promised Land.  I played it in Japanese, which is uncommon for me because I like to listen to voice tracks in English.  Listening to Ledah, my favorite character, in Japanese was a treat.  I wish I got Cierra’s ending, but I got the regular ending.  I beat that game around 2 am one night.  I then started the optional dungeon right away and finished it around 6  in the morning.  It was worth it.

Mole Mania

Oh man, I had this game for forever.  I gave up many years ago because I got stuck on some puzzles and couldn’t figure them out to save my life.  Thankfully, I had an old save file I could jump right back in.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I could now access Gamefaqs whenever I had trouble with this game.  I went for a straight :B: instead of going for a :C:.  I would later give this game away to BadSeafood in a trade.

Donkey Kong Land 2

Did a straight run on a new file.  Very easy compared to Donkey Kong Country 2.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Beaten the same day as Donkey Kong Land 2.  Copped out by playing Wario’s Castle on Easy Mode.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire is one game that has not aged very well.  It doesn’t help that the game was an N64 launch title.  All you need to know is that the Hoth level is great and it’s all downhill from there.  In fact, the Hoth level is the only reason why I would want to play this game.

Donkey Kong 64

Thank goodness I had an old save file on this game.  All I had to do was defeat K. Rool and I could mark this game as a :B:.  Didn’t have to put up with collecting stuff since that was done years ago.

Diddy Kong Racing

Again, jumped into an old file from years back.  Once I got the hang of what to do once again, the game was much easier than I remembered as a child.  Marked as :B: after the first race against Wizpig.


Ico was amazing in the few hours that the game lasted.  The last part of the game was made to be a “no sleep until clear”.  Seriously.


Yet again I played from an old file from years back.  The only thing I had left to do in this game was to defeat Grunty.  I wanted to get this boss fight out of the way as soon as possible, so I activated the unlimited Golden Feathers cheat, which made the fight so much easier.  I still died a lot during one part of the fight, but I did pull through and was able to mark this game as Beaten.

Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground

I didn’t have a PS1 memory card around the time I played Medal of Honor 1 and Underground, so I downloaded them off PSN around the 4th of July and marathoned through them.   The controls were dated, but I got used to them and had a blast shooting Nazis.  Both games played the same, but Underground had you fighting tanks and going to different places like North Africa and Greece in addition to France and Germany.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

I marked BlazBlue beaten after going through Arcade Mode once.  Most of my time has been spent playing online and I still need to play through Story Mode.  I’ll get to it eventually.

Gunstar Heroes

Even though I had played the game on the Virtual Console on my Wii, I bought it off PSN hoping that I could do some online co-op.  However, it didn’t happen.  I went ahead, completed the game, and got all of the trophies.

Sonic Advance

Played through the game as Sonic.

Orcs and Elves

A game very similar to Doom RPG, a game that I had on my cell phone years ago.  It was very short and I didn’t think much of it.

Ape Escape

One of those games that I had for a long time and should have finished years ago, but didn’t get around to much later.  Glad I finally played through it.

Donkey Kong Land

I found it hard to get into this game after playing Donkey Kong Land 2.  The game felt less polished, but it took me slightly less time to beat the first DKL.

Dark Sector

I had so much fun using the Glaive, a blade-like weapon that you could throw at enemies.  Too bad the game moved at such a slow pace and had almost no replay value for me.

Final Fantasy IV Advance

Say all you want about this version of Final Fantasy IV being broken and buggy, I still had a ton of fun with this game.  From the story to the characters to the music, FFIV ranks as one of my favorite games in the series.  Aggravating final dungeon and last boss aside, I enjoyed it from beginning up to that point.

Battlefield: Bad Company

The main reason why I played through the main game was so I could get ready for the online multiplayer, which I played a ton with Vaikyuko, Sushikins, and PunkgoddessDisk from the Backloggery.  We made one hell of a team together and had a lot fun when we played it over the summer.  Single player was fun as well, even if I only played through it once.  It was worth it to shoot down a helicopter with a laser guided missile at the end of single player.

Resident Evil 5

Vaikyuko and I played through this game on Veteran on my first time through.  He had unlimited ammo and the infinite rocket launcher, which meant that he ended up doing most of the shooting and killing.  I ended up sitting back and helping whenever I needed to.  We decided to forgo headsets and communicated by only using AIM, but we did just fine.  Even though I armchaired through most of the game, I still had fun.  I got a lot of trophies along the way and we were working on a Professional run when we ran out of time and had to go back to school.

Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus

One of the better platformers I played during this time.  Boss fights were fun, especially the one against Mz. Ruby.  I think that was the most memorable part of the game for me.  Master Sprints are hard, though.  I may try to do them some day.


I’m so glad that I was able to play this game while I was home for the summer.  Amazing from beginning to end, although I thought the game really picked up once I got to Neptune’s Bounty.  Couldn’t bring myself to harvest the Little Sisters on my original playthrough.

Drill Dozer

Fun game.  Did a straight :B:.  May go back and :C: it.

Star Ocean: First Departure

Seeing how the PSP version is a remake of the Super Famicom original, the game did show its age a little.  It was very easy to exploit certain things in the game and the plot was lighter than I would have wanted it to be.  The gameplay was by far the strongest point of the game and being able to spend skill points on abilities added a lot of flexibility to how I played.  Was on the short side, though.

Sonic Heroes

The only reason I pushed myself to finish this game was so that I could say that I finished it around the same day as Star Ocean: First Departure.  I played through Sonic Heroes with the Sonic Team as I struggled with poor level design, levels that dragged on for way too long, and loose controls.  Ugh.  I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Zone of the Enders

Zone of the Enders was a fun game, but it was nowhere as good as The Second Runner.  That being said, I did my one and only run through the game on Very Hard.  I usually stay away from high difficulty settings in games, but Vaikyuko told me it wasn’t too bad in ZOE1.  There is almost no replay value in ZOE1 and I marked the game as Completed once I finished it on Very Hard.

I’m so glad that I was able to beat so many games this summer before I went back to school.  It was time well spent.


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