R-R-Random!? #1,it really is.

New blog post from me,this is quite an event.I know i should be more active,but my university gave me a number of books i have to write stuff about and i really don’t feel like writing a lot in my free time too.Anyway,this incredibly useless (or awesome,depending on your POV ) corner is about what i have been watching/playing/doing lately so feel free to either enjoy my ravings or to run away from this as fast as you can.
Starting with anime,Valkyria Chronicles is finally over this week.

I swear,if i wasn’t constantly making fun of this with someone else i would have dropped it by episode 5 or so.Think of something angsty,and this anime has it.Think of some rushed plot point that is poorly conveyed,AND THIS ANIME HAS IT.I think i’ll give it a 6 anyway in the end because it’s decently animated,the story is interesting and i liked a few characters,but had i played the game first i’d have probably given it a solid 4:there are lots of changes from what i know,and i cannot name a single one that improved the story.
Moving on,i have started watching CANAAN again thanks to Arc who gave me some motivation to finish it.I’m only on Ep 6 so far,but things are becoming even better than before thanks to some delicious Liang-Ji insanity.

In the above pic,she is detonating remote-controlled bombs.Planted at an anti-terrorism conference.Gotta love that attitude of hers,i tell you.

Last but not least,Umineko.

This week will feature my favourite moment ever,so i’m anticipating the incoming episode quite a lot: there’s a high chance that DEEN will screw it badly though *cough likeprettymuchanyothereventsofar cough* but i’m keeping my fingers crossed.I was surprised by how good the new OP has turned out so maybe,just maybe, things will turn out just fine.

Vidya-wise,the only relevant news is that i have started playing Devil Survivor.

So far it’s pretty awesome i think,lots of choices to make and routes to end up on.The change from the usual JRPG system turned out well,story is interesting,graphics are fine.It doesn’t help that i’m finding more than half of the female cast to be terribly annoying though,and that the only decent one went ranting to me about her lifelong HUGE problems 10 minutes after meeting her:if this keeps up,i’m seriously considering going for a BRO end.
Also,it’s a SMT game.I love this series but terribly hate it at the same time too every now and then, because of the usual trolling which is even more deadly in a SRPG like this one.What’s the point of planning carefully a team if every member of it gets randomly frozen by a single Mabufu thrown by an enemy 5 levels lower than mine? Subsequent rape,Game Over.Bah.

On a completely unrelated note,i wish i had someone motivating me to play Wild Arms 5 by the way.It’s objectively a good game but i never feel like turning on my PS2 for it and instead get stuck in endless Melty Blood VS matches which incidentally yield no progress at all,for the joy of Bak’laag.

Tha’s about it,i guess.Next news from me will be probably in the Ah-nee-may corner for a quick review about Valkyria Chronicles or Umineko,so see you later.


~ by Orpheon on September 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “R-R-Random!? #1,it really is.”

  1. I was wondering, how’s the Umineko anime? I’ve been playing the novel… I don’t know if you have before or not, but I was wondering how they stacked up against each other. 😀

  2. Good choice picking up Devil Summoner.

    I might try watching CANAAN, I saw the first episode and stopped due to my confusion :S ….

  3. @ gaiages: Yup,i have played all the novels first too.Tbh i think that the anime is a mediocre adaptation at best: lots of background and scenes got cut.If you are looking forward to some moment you’d like to see animated,you can pretty much get only the episode that has it.

    @ Ti CANAAN is pretty awesome! it’s quite confusing at first but after a few episodes things get better.And osme characters are nothing short of awesome.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with bros before hoes if you find the female characters to be too annoying for your tastes.

    I wish I could motivate you to play Wild Arms 5 like you motivated me to play Prinny. Sorry I can’t help you out this time. 😦

  5. I don’t know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  6. @Wandering: Things are better now,it seems that there are fewer routes than i thought so only a couple of girls have them.DOn’t know yet who i’ll choose.And thanks:No worries,i got some progress done even if motivation is still scarce.

    @ Jim: Oh,you are welcome.Glad you like this blog and on a smaller scaler,my ramblings too!

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