On Anime Club

baccano39xo6-avatarThis blog post should have been a really long rant about my college’s anime club.  I would have gone on and on about how I don’t like the lineup and why I no longer go to club.  People I talked to on AIM, MSN, and Twitter never heard the end of it from me.  I was in the middle of writing a lengthy post so I could organize all my thoughts in one place without having to tell the same story over and over, but I ended up writing way too much for my own good.  Why write something that will hit 2,000 words when I could say everything in a few paragraphs?

I was pretty active in my school’s anime club during my freshman and sophomore years.  The way the club functioned was that we would choose 5 shows to watch for the rest of the school year.  Every week, we would meet in a classroom and watch all 5 shows on a projector screen.  Half of the shows were comedies and the other half were dramas and action based shows for variety.  The lineup was arranged so that people could come and go as they wished.  This was how the club functioned in the previous two years.  It worked out well and I liked the other  people who went to club because they were polite and not very rude.  We didn’t have problems with people talking nonstop during shows.  Sure, some people would shout out a word or a line, but that was about it.

This year, things were different.  The shows were picked in a strange way unlike the way we picked shows in previous years.  The majority of the club voted on Library Wars, Ergo Proxy, and Axis Powers Hetalia so that they were put in the lineup from the very beginning.  Since we weren’t going to vote on those shows during the first meeting, we didn’t see the first epiosdes of all three shows during that meeting.  That left three remaining slots to fill up.  We had three of six shows to pick from, the six being Rozen Maiden, Kuroshitsuji, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Nabari no Ou, and 07 Ghost.  Voting was set up so that we had these choices:

  • Cowboy Bebop vs. Samurai Champloo
  • Rozen Maiden vs. Kuroshitsuji
  • Nabari no Ou vs. 07 Ghost

Cowboy Bebop was something that everyone in the club has seen at least once, so I didn’t want to see it again.  I went with Samurai Champloo since I’ve never finished that show.  Rozen Maiden was a show I thought I wasn’t going to like, but grew on me after finishing the first episode.  I wish I voted for that instead of Kuroshitsuji, a show I ended up not caring for.  I tried watching Kuroshitsuji this summer, but I stopped after the fourth episode.  The last category was a lose-lose situation for me because neither show interested me.  Nabari no Ou had the potential to be good, but it was meh.  I was glad the club dropped the show because I hear it gets disappointing later on.  I didn’t find 07 Ghost to be much better than Nabari no Ou, so I voted for the show I disliked the least.  The three shows that filled the remaining slots in the lineup were Samurai Champloo, 07 Ghost, and Kuroshitsuji, which joined this year’s lineup with Axis Powers Hetalia, Ergo Proxy, and Library Wars.

Aside from the disappointing lineup, the one thing that’s annoying me about club this year are the new club members.  They are pretty rude and don’t know when to shut up.  I can understand when people make comments during certain parts of an anime, but they should better than to keep talking loudly.  I go to anime club to watch anime, not to hear annoying commentary from people.  A few of my friends had to leave club early for this reason because they made more serious shows like Ergo Proxy unwatchable.

I don’t go to anime club anymore because I’m unhappy with the lineup and can’t stand annoying people who ruin enjoyment of certain shows.  I’ll probably go back to anime club once I catch up on the shows I like so I can watch them with other people, but that’s if some of the annoying people in the club learn to stay quiet more often.  If not, I’ll just watch anime on my own.  It’s as simple as that.


~ by WanderingMind on October 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “On Anime Club”

  1. Eh, this is why I watch anime on my own accord. As fun as it is to watch with people, it’s worse to watch with RANDOM people.

    Don’t stress out over it too much, WM.

  2. I have the Samurai Chmaploo boxset with me, so I can easily watch that on my own. If I’m going to watch anime with people, it’s going to be with friends or people I know on my floor.

    I’m going to take it easy.

  3. Anime clubs this day and age seem rather pointless. Back when it was fansubs and raws on third generation VHS tapes it made a lot of sense. However, by the time I was in my freshman year of college, internet fansubs were already picking up. (2000ish) It seems like if there’s going to be a club, it should focus on manga or cosplay or something with a outlet.

  4. “I’ll just watch anime on my own. It’s as simple as that.”
    ^ This is why I don’t bother with anime clubs at all. Now I haven’t checked out the anime club at my college yet. However, I’m hoping to find some Manga readers to chill with because I prefer having my “own time” watching anime instead of having a bunch of people crowded together like in the cinemas(the whole reason why I hate it so much, but its the only place to watch the “latest films”). I hate crowds when I’m trying to concentrate on watching something I like. Friends no problem but other than that, hell no!

  5. @Sonicbug: I agree. If the club is all about meeting once a week just to watch anime, then I can spend my time better elsewhere. I wasn’t on the anime scene before fansubs came about, so I don’t know what that was like. It would be nice to organize a trip to an anime convention with club, but it would be too much of a logistical nightmare. I’m better off going with people I know and can get along with.

    @Atrer: That would be great if you can find manga readers to hang out with. I know such person on my floor and I plan on borrowing some manga from him once I read through some of my stuff. Anime club is a great way to introduce people to anime, but once you get past that phase, you’re better off searching for shows on your own. One problem with my anime club is that we are usually restricted to 26 episode shows at max if we want to finish a series within the school year. We watched Soul Eater last year, but only got halfway through the show. I’m going abroad to Japan from January to July, so I have no hard feelings about not going to club any more.

  6. […] Anime Club: Running a Convention Last year, I ranted about why I left my school’s anime club after being an active member for two years.  In the end, I asked myself, “Why bother going […]

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