The Week From Hell

baccano39xo6-avatarI’m in the middle of the week from hell.  Things have been really rough for me and I’m ready to snap.  I could have gone on a massive rant of sorts on Twitter, but nobody wants to see a Twitter flood.  I might as well rant about my life on a blog post.  That’s what the Masters of Unlocking is here for me to do.

So, where do I start?  I’m currently a junior at Lafayette College.  I major in History, which means that my workload is fairly easy compared to some other people.  I have time to play a lot of video games whenever I’m not studying or doing other things.  I can also put aside time to watch anime since I no longer go to anime club, but gaming takes priority for me.  I usually give myself enough time to study for tests and get my homework done.  I pulled one all-nighter and did a few no sleep until :B: so far this semester.  Sure, I have to deal with psychology and the lab, but it’s more time-consuming than tough.

Things seemed to be working fine for me until this weekend.  I had this thing called Fall Break the week before last week where I didn’t have class on Monday and Tuesday.  Most people went home to spend time with family and do other stuff.  Seeing how Florida is home for me and I’m currently in Pennsylvania, there was no point in me flying all the way back home for so little time if it wasn’t a holiday or something like that.  Thanksgiving is a whole different story.  I could have spent the time to get caught up with a lot of homework and stuff, but I didn’t.  I spent most of break chilling out and playing video games.  It’s something I do best.  I could have seen a movie or two, but I used part of my time off to get my car fixed.  You see, my 2004 Honda Civic was having car problems.  I had trouble accelerating and struggled to drive up hills.  I thought I was having engine problems, so I brought it over to a car repair place.  They told me that I was having transmission problems, so I took my car to a Honda dealer.  It turned out that a bunch of animals got in my car this summer and chewed on the wires.  My car now runs like normal.

Last weekend was when things went to hell for me.  My parents came up to visit me this weekend, which meant I wouldn’t have time to do a lot of other things that needed to be done.  I didn’t get any homework done on Friday.  I don’t blame myself for not getting anything done that day, but still.  I should have spent a good amount of time on Saturday getting that work done, but the FFVI marathon stream distracted me and prevented me from being productive that day.  I had a great time at the stream and talking on Skype, but it would screw me over for the rest of the week.  The stream was worth it, though.

So I actually started doing work around 1 pm on Sunday.  Shit, I had a lot to do this time around.  Let’s see, I had some reading I had to do, write a 3-5 page paper that was due on Monday, study for a Japanese and Psychology test for Monday, and get psych lab stuff ready for Tuesday.  I did the reading that afternoon, the paper that evening, and stayed up late studying for two tests I should have prepared for far longer than I started.  I only got 2 hours of sleep last night because I decided to have a coffee specialty drink at 8 pm to help me get through my work

I manage to wake up the next morning.  I take my first test at 9 am.  I finish it.  I go to my next class at 10 am.  I take another test.  I finish it.  I go to my last class of the day at 11 am.  I manage to stay awake during that time.  I got to see my parents one last time before I had to drive them to the airport to drop them off.   I spend the rest of the afternoon working on some stuff for Psych lab.  I tried to get some other homework done, but my body gave out on me by 7 pm.  So much for getting other work done.

I wake up around 8:30 am today.  I feel like crap, so I stay in my room and start up Symphonia, which was the only free time I would actually have for today.  I walk over to my history class at 11 am, the first class I have for today.  After that, I grabbed a quick lunch and made my way over to psych lab around 1 pm.  It wasn’t too bad, but it was time consuming.  I usually get out at 3 pm, but with the way things were this week, I got out around 4 pm.  I didn’t have much time to do a lot of homework while my body was still functioning.  I tried to get a lot of stuff done, but again, my body gave out after 7 pm and I lost the motivation to do anything.  I studied for a geography quiz and thought I was done, but no, I have a pretty big assignment I have to do for Japanese for tomorrow.

I lost myself.

I could have snapped and let out a blood-curling yell, but I got a hold of myself and counted to 10.  I lost any motivation I had left to do anything.  I should have called it a night and gone to bed right away, but I made this blog post.  I knew I would lose important hours of sleep, but if I don’t write this now, I’ll never write it.  Part of me tells me that it was my fault that I brought this all on myself, but another part of me says that it couldn’t be helped.  To think that it’s only Wednesday.  I’m hoping Thursday and Friday don’t bite me in the ass.  It’s the last thing I need right now.

Maybe my sleeping and sleeping habits have something to do with this.  I usually go to bed around 12 to 2 am and wake up around 8 to 10 am.  I usually get something to eat right before class by grabbing some snacks (banana, muffin, cereal bar, etc.) and a bottle of orange juice.  I would eat at a dining hall or at the food court, but the food isn’t good enough to be worth waking up for.  I eat lunch at 12:15 and eat dinner around 5:30 pm.  I’m really picky about the food at the places where I usually eat, so I don’t eat as much as I should.  Usually, I’ll have pasta and a sandwich for lunch or dinner if I don’t like anything else I see.  This is sometimes followed by dessert, usually ice cream.  I eat much better on the weekends, though, and generally eat more food.

It is now 1:40 am.  I’m now going to bed.

I hope my life goes back to normal by the end of this week.


~ by WanderingMind on October 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Week From Hell”

  1. Devon! Everyone’s having a shitty week. I was in AEC last night till 6a.m., got 2.5 hrs of sleep. I am now ready to pass the hell out 2.05 a.m. I enjoyed reading your blog, makes me feel like I’m not the only one screwed by work this week.

  2. My night went from bad to worse last night, as I passed out in a bathroom around 2:10 am and ended up going to the hospital from 3:30 am to 11:30 am today. Blame it on stress, lack of sleep, and not enough food. I’ll update this post with more details or do a follow up post when I feel like it.

  3. I hope you feel better! Best of luck.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not having a great week. Every student has some shitty weeks where they have too much to do at once, I’ve had similar things happen to me recently. But you seem to have it much worse. =( *Hugs* and I hope your life gets back on track soon.

  5. @Tijuana At least the week from hell is over for me. So glad it’s now a thing of the past.

    @Noxie: Thankies. This weekend is homecoming at my school, but I don’t enjoy watching football and I’ll be too busy catching up with all of my homework if I wanted to take part of what’s going on this weekend. Besides, I have a feeling that a lot of people will get the flu. The healthier I am, the better off I’ll be next week and get back on track. *hugs back*

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