R-R-Random!? #2,don’t buy me a coffin yet.

Yes,I still liiiiiiive.But there’s no excuse for my lazyness,really:wish i could say stuff like “well,i didn’t post anything for 2 months because i was so focused into developing the ultimate cure for cancer” BUT it’s just not possible.The only partial excuse that i can find is that i have started writing a novel.I would have liked to join the NaNoWriMo challenge but 1) it was too late 2) i don’t have much apart from the majority of the characters and the setting right now.Still,i had these things floating in my mind since sometime ago so i finally decided to write ’em down.They may be awful ( and a good bunch of them probably are) but hey,it’s not like i’m aiming to be the next Tolkien.

Now that my university has entered easy modo after the usual November-ish boatload of stuff ,my amount of free time has increased however,which means that i’ll post more often.Hopefully.I swear,i can do it dammit.

Now that my pathetic excuses and propositions are out of the way,we can finally talk business:let’s start with some animu.Umineko for example,though sadly there’s not much to say apart from “WTF am i watching” right now.

Ushiromiya Kinzo,after having marathoned 24 episodes.

My main issues with this adaptation? To put it simply:Awful pacing,low budget,subpar action scenes,randomly cuts epic parts or just leaves them out,forgets to describe what actually is going on the screen. Therefore,i can hardly suggest this series to anyone.If you can,play the SN.If you cannot,forget about this and move on,there’s plenty of anime out there that is surely more worthy your time.

Moving on,at least Darker Than Black 2 is awesome.

Some may argue that it’s inferior to the first season both in terms of pacing and soundtrack,but it’s nonetheless a good watch.Hopefully,this week Hei will kick some ass while wearing his old Batman coat and Suou will shoot things without having to go through her magical shoujo sequence everytime she pulls out that rifle of hers.

Last but least,Needless is going to end this week.

I suggest watching this if you want a Gurren Lagann-esque show (on a MUCH smaller scale) with plenty of  fanservice and funny moments:just be careful to switch your brain off before starting it.

Speaking of vidya,i can proudly announce that i’m now the owner of a 250GB PS3 Slim (which won’t be touched until Christmas because 1) it’s supposedly a gift 2) i would totally forget about everything else i’m playing at the moment and it wouldn’t be a good thing in the slightest).Suggestions about games are welcomed,the only one i have for it right now is Valkryria Chronicles and i’m up for pretty much anything as long as it’s not a 2D fighting game.Was thinking about Uncharted 2 or Assassin’s Creed 2 but there’s still time for taking a decision.

About what i’m playing right now,i’m focusing on beating Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of the New World on Wii this week.

The plot is laughable at times,and you can probably find this game on a dictionary under the word “Rehashing”given that that 90% of the locations are the same old ToS ones with a few changes and less blur,but it’s still a fun game to play.The battle system is the usual Tales of thing,there are plenty of different monsters that you can get in your party and the skits are nothing short of awesome,best ones i have seen in the series.

Another important thing is that i have recently discovered the Phoenix Wright series *insert HOLD IT! or OBJECTION! here*and i love it.

On Trials and Tribulations right now,for those that have played it i’m currently stuck on cross-examining Mr Kudo for the 2nd time.Randomly presenting evidence has NOT won me any points with the judge and has led me to resetting the game way too many times:hopefully i can beat this before Christmas.

I have also started playing Atelier Annie,which is not a bad game at all.

Characters are well-drawn,there’s plenty of voice acting and being a little girl that must synthetize lots of different things is actually pretty fun.Haven’t found anything blatantly wrong with it yet,still…the sheer number of cutscenes can get really annoying:go the shop,cutscene starts.Go to the library,cutscene starts.Get back to your workshop,and another cutscene STARTS.

Started playing this once,and after being cutscene’d 5 times in 5 different places i simply switched off the game and watched TV.It’s not that bad usually though and that’s why i keep going.

Well,that’s all folks! See you before Christmas for sure.


~ by Orpheon on December 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “R-R-Random!? #2,don’t buy me a coffin yet.”

  1. …You never told me you were a writer Orpheon-sama. D:

    Also, Dawn of the New World is pretty good if you have no expectations of it at all whatsoever! Sure the flashbacks to 5 minutes ago were annoying, but many of the new characters are pretty well likable. Except maybe pre-Ratatosk Emil. XD

    Also, is it bad that I actually LOOK for cutscenes in Atelier Annie? >_>

  2. You definitely need to bounce writer ideas off me. I can help! ❤

    Also, "as long as it's not a 2D fighting game"? You know full well all of us are going to recommend BlazBlue. lol

  3. @ Rar: It’s because i’m not really a writer anyway,just had some ideas i wanted to write down.I haven’t even half of the plot,go figure.And yes,it is:so-many of-them ;A;.

    @Vaik: Thanks a lot,i’ll surely ask for help once i have something more consistent.Right now..eeehh i really haven’t much.
    I know dammit,stop suggesting me that! XD

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