Going Places

Tomorrow, I wake up early to leave for Japan. I have to leave campus by 5:00 AM so I can catch a bus from Easton, PA to JFK Airport in New York City. What I could do is not get any sleep and sleep it off on the flight, but I would rather get my sleep for tonight.

Here is what the next few months will have in store for me. For over the next two weeks, I will be going on a trip sponsored by my school to Kyoto and Osaka. I will make a visit to Hiroshima, but I’ll mostly stay in Kyoto and Osaka. On January 22, I will break off from the rest of the group. While the group flies from Osaka to Tokyo to JFK to get back home, I will go in the opposite direction and fly from Osaka to Fukuoka. From the rest of January to early March, I will be staying in Fukuoka to go to a language school.

You see, my actual spring semester does not start until March. However, my school does not require a visa for the January trip. I can only stay in Japan for so long, so on March 10, I will be back in Florida for 10 days. I will have to pick up my visa and take care of other things before flying back to Japan. I will be spending the rest of March to July in Tokyo, where I will be studying at Kanda University.

It is now 9:00 pm.

By the time you reply to this post, I will probably be in bed falling asleep. If I do not log on tomorrow, then see you when I’m in Japan.

I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow for a really long time. It has finally come.


~ by WanderingMind on January 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “Going Places”

  1. Awesome, best of luck with that, Mind! Sounds like it’ll be quite the adventure 😀

  2. We’ll miss you~

  3. Aah have fun dude!! Wish I could go along. ;w;

  4. Have fun dood, I’m 150% jealous.

  5. Gogo,i’m so going to ask you to buy me some T-M stuff :3
    Jokes aside,best of luck to you bro: work hard but don’t forget to have tons of fun as well!

  6. Good luck, have fun, and don’t spend too much money so you end up like Largo and Piro.

    …unless you wanna score with a Japanese chick, I guess. Seems to have worked for them. XD

  7. Have fun! Don’t get molested but a Japanese Business man!

  8. You’re soo lucky! WIsh I can tag with you 😀

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