Ah-nee-may Ramblings part 2,This Is (Not) Enough.

Whooo,a new post from someone who is not Wandering.Surprised you are,i bet.Well i assure you that MOU is alive and kicking:we are just 1) busy with RL things 2) playing games all day 3) overly lazy,and sometimes all this at once.
That is my case for example:university is almost over so there’s quite a number of things i have to take care of and the amount of awkward has recently risen again…yet at the same time i can push everything aside,clock a hefty 7 consecutive hours on Red Dead Redemption and do absolutely nothing worthy of praise for the remaining 17.Oh well,i can only hope this kind of life will last for some time because I’m digging it.

So enough with RL boredom and let’s continue with something that is even MORE boring,because it’s time to deliver my half-assed opinion about a few shows that ended this week and some other stuff I’ve been watching.

  • Durarara!!

Ahh,my favourite show from the past season.I’m honestly glad it ended because the first half was way better,despite the majority of Shizuo’s awesomeness being concentrated in the second half.I’ve got nothing towards lengthy explanations in my animu,but DRR! just isn’t that kind of show and the amount of redundant and pretentious dialogue in a few episodes make me yawn more than once,especially when said dialogue is explaining things that were obvious to the viewer at first glance.
Still,this one is a must watch:production values are pretty high,it’s genuinely entertaining and last but not least,it contains one of the greatest fictional trolls ever conceived.Forget about Light Yagami,Orihara Izaya brings it to a whole new level.

Overall score: 9/10,would (and probably will) watch again.

  • B Gata H Kei.

This is about a virgin girl named Yamada  who embarks on an epic quest:get 100 fuckbuddies.Yes,you read it right.Hell,the whole anime can be summed up with the following pic.

Of course,things won’t go just as planned and she’ll end up falling in love with fellow virgin and nerd Kosuda.
Again,this is something that was better in the first half:after the usual confession said girl becomes your standard tsundere # 28237387 and the interest drops,but it still delivers some fun every now and then.It also deserves praise for presenting the usual ecchi situations without resorting to show 40 panty shots in 5 minutes,a thing that i have always hated in my animu.

Overall score:  7/10,it can get pretty funny at times.

  • Angel Beats!


Is it good? No,not really.The pacing is very awkward,it doesn’t have a coherent plot 80% of the time,it feels like a 26 episodes anime that was forcefully crammed into 13 and there’s occasional QUALITY.Yet i still love it and it’s probably my greatest guilty anime pleasure ever.
The good things about it? The comedy ( first half of episode 5 almost made me fell off from my chair),the supporting characters and most of all,the OST.Apart from a stellar OP and a good ED,there is a boatload of different songs and the majority of them are pretty good.

Overall score:

  • Evangelion:2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Boy,this was awesome.Really,really awesome and this is coming from a very mild Evangelion fan who totally forgot about the series existing for years.
While the first movie was mainly a good retelling of what happened in the first third or so of the TV series,the second kicks the old canon to the curb and makes everything better.They even made Shinji  badass,and that alone deserves worlds of praise given his character.
Bad things about it? Next to none unless you want to be -extremely- picky and point out that Ritsuko’s character is pretty much ignored but that’s it.

Overall score: 10/10,going to buy it so much.

  • Martian Successor Nadesico.

Part of an oldschool animu crusade i have started,it’s about space and fights and love triangles,all drenched in a healthy mix of comedy and drama.In the year 2196,Earth is being attacked by some aliens called Jovian Lizards and the battleship Nadesico sets sail to find a way to defeat them.Not exactly my cake,but it’s undeniably good.My only complain so far is that the transition between serious moments and 100% slapstick comedy is something you have to get used to.

Overall score: 8/10 so far.

Well,that pretty much sums it up.The incoming summer season doesn’t have a whole lot in store for me,but Highschool of the Dead and Shiki have potential so i’m pretty sure i’ll end up watching those.And who knows,maybe you’ll get a new animu review then.Stay classy,folks.


~ by Orpheon on June 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ah-nee-may Ramblings part 2,This Is (Not) Enough.”

  1. *gasp* A blog post from not-Wan-chan!

    I’ll probably just get these animu all at once. Err, Angel Beats and DRRR!! At least. Those two are probably the ones that Orpheon-sama has recommended the most it seems anyway. :3

  2. Martian Successor Nadesico! So much love~

  3. DRRR!! has a special place in my heart because I’ve been living near Ikebukuro…

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